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This Band Rocks: Pickwick

So in doing a little research for work, I somehow (don’t ask me, the chain is very convoluted) ended up stumbling across this video:

Yeah, I know.  Incredible.  That man’s voice…is just….so good.  So I did a little digging.  Who is this man who sort of looks like Jean-Ralphio?  Does he have other music?  Is this his band?  Is he single?

Turns out he is the front man for the Seattle based band Pickwick.  And completely coincidentally, they have their first full-length coming out on March 12th.

So what do they sound like?  Imagine if Cold War Kids and Allen Stone were able to have a baby.  Soulful, melodic, catchy.  I seriously can’t imagine anyone not liking at least one song. Have a piqued your interest?  Well lucky for you you can stream the full length before it’s released here.

And here’s one more video for good measure:


IAMDYNAMITE – Where Will We Go

Hey hey Monday!  Why am I so enthusiastic about saying hi to Monday you ask? Well, because I’ve been listening to Where Will We Go by IAMDYNAMITE.  Normally I’d be kinda annoyed at a name like IAMDYNAMITE (especially when coupled with an album name SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC) that is all caps locked and space-less – but these guys rock pretty hard so I’m gonna let it slide.

Comprised of only two dudes, IAMDYNAMITE has a pretty stellar thing going on.  With some punk-rock heavy drums, easy to sing along to melodies, and a damn catchy chorus – Where Will We Go is like a perfect party favor of “get amped” music.  Perhaps the best way to explain the song is to give you a breakdown of my reaction the first time I heard it:

1) What is this I’m listening to…IAMDYNAMITE…is that all one word?

2) Actually this is kinda good, maybe I should start paying attention.

3) Hold up, my head is starting to bop, how’d that happen?

4) Andddd now I’m drumming on my knee.

5) Now I’m drumming AND head bopping.

6) Um this song is TOTALLY AWESOME.

7) Let’s hear that shit again.

So there you have it.  But don’t just live vicariously through my awesome play-by-play, listen for yourself and see what involuntary bodily movements you have!

Freakin’ Weekend Jam: Natural Child – B$G P$MP$N

Oh yes, you read that right.  I said B$G P$MP$N – no I’s, just $’s.

Hailing from Nashville, Natural Child is bluesy, retro-y, rock ‘n roll band.  And they are fucking awesome.  The band’s sound is marked by heavy guitars, dirty vocals, so-so singing (in a good way).  Maybe it’s the vocals, maybe it’s the guitar, or maybe it’s the fact that both frontmen sound like they only perform 6+ beers deep, but they remind me a lot of Deer Tick aged down a couple years.

Going into the weekend, nothing sounds better to me than a gritty rock song called B$G P$MP$N.  So if you’re feeling a little sleepy, pop this bad boy on and you’ll feel like going out in no time.

Japandroids – The Nights of Wine and Roses

You know how people always ask you, “So, what are you listening to these days?”  And you panic, struggling to come up with something that is cool, not super well-known, likely to be enjoyed by others, AND something you’re actually listening to.  If you’re anything like me you often end up stammering for approximately 7 minutes before saying something completely not that interesting.  Well at least that was me.  Until I delved into the Japandroids.

The title of the Canadian duo’s album, “Celebration Rock,” is really more of a genre title.  Despite only being two dudes and two instruments, it’s a pretty massive sound that’s upbeat and catchy – featuring heavy guitars, stylized vocals, and rockin’ beats for days.  I would venture to guess that you’ve probably heard the first single off the album The House That Heaven Built.  And I would also guess that you enjoyed it so much you started rocking out a little.  Or maybe a lot.  If that’s not the case, well then we should probably end this relationship before anyone gets too invested emotionally.

But I’m not here to talk about that track.  Rather I want to point you to the first song on the album, and the first song in my heart – The Nights of Wine and Roses.  It starts off the album with a quite literal celebration – the sound of fireworks, before busting out into a grown-up version of the punk-pop of the early 2000’s (i.e., Sugarcult, Fall Out Boy, Rancid, etc.).  With lyrics that are essentially just at ode to partying and getting hammered with your friends (“So we down our drinks in a funnel of friends / And we burn our blends right down to the end / We don’t cry for those nights to arrive / We yell like hell to the heavens”), there really is no excuse to not blast this song way too loud, down a couple of beers, and pass out on your front lawn.

Want more? Check out their website or Facebook.