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There is a sub-reddit devoted to remixing Thomas The Tank Engine – because, the internet

We all know that Reddit is a place where you can find just about anything.  Makeup tips, photos of Gene Wilder, spoilers and in-depth analysis for pretty much any show that has ever been on television, the list goes on and on.

But what you might not know is that amongst all of this internet-ness, lies a sub-reddit called Thomas The Dank Engine.  This sub-reddit is a location for one thing and one thing only, remixes of the theme song to Thomas The Tank Engine.  Yes, that Thomas The Tank Engine.  The kids show that features trains with eyes and mouths who talk and go places on tracks.

Even more impressive than the mere existence of such a thing is that what started as a small online community has now grown to a sub-reddit with 25 thousand users.  Simply put, that is a fuck-ton of Thomas the Tank Engine Remixes – ranging from Childish Gambino, to Biggie Smalls, to Queen.  Don’t see the remix you want?  Request it.  Someone will likely post your jam shortly.

So enjoy this weird and wonderful corner of the Internet, and good luck getting the theme song out of your head ever again.

MSMR – Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix)

I have been a fan of CHVRCHES since I first heard “The Mother We Share” – and really didn’t think that there was anything that they could do to their sound to make me like it more.  Well it turns out their is: when they take their musical aesthetic and superimpose it onto another awesome sound, in this case MSMR.  The result is pure magic.  And it’s exactly what I need in the middle of a week.  And since my brain is in serious Wednesday mode, I’ll keep this post short and sweet, and continue to listen to this song on loop…