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NOW PLAYING #TBT Edition: Save Tonight – Louis Vivet (feat. Gavrielle & Nick Goldston)

Remember Eagle Eye Cherry? Who am I kidding, of course you remember them. “Save Tonight” was a staple of every alt kid’s 90’s playlist, or at least it was on mine.  So in honor of the ubiquitous Throwback Thursday, let’s all join together to enjoy this fabulous cover by Louis Vivet.

Now since the original will always have a special place in my heart, I won’t go as far as to call this version better, but damn if it isn’t something special.  I love the haunting vocals by some young guns – Gavrielle and Nick Goldston – and am even down with the techno break in the middle.  The track is upbeat but yet stays true to the melancholy of the lyrics (try to tell me you didn’t use to cry to this song while thinking about your crush in grade school, or hanging with your friends on the last day of camp).  So here you are folks, your #TBT jam of the day.


10 Questions for Katy Perry Regarding “This Is How We Do”

Dear Katy Perry,

Today a friend instructed me to listen to your  new single “This Is How We Do.”  Seeing as this friend and I almost always see eye to eye on all things pop, I happily obliged.  While I am sure that I will end up singing this song ad naseum for the next few months – upon reaching the end of the track, I found myself with more than a few questions for you in regards to this song.  I would be more than grateful if you are able to provide me with answers to any of the below:

1) First and foremost – is this really how you do?

2) What exactly do you mean by “all my girls vintage Chanel baby?” Are your girls vintage?  Are they Chanel babies? Please clarify.

3) Just so we’re all on the same page – you know you’re a white girl, right? Like, dated and collaborated with John Mayer white.

4) What exactly is “no big deal”?  The song? Your life? The various popsicles featured in the video?

5) Could you please elaborate on how you, Katy Perry, “straight stunt?” Gymnastics? Shooting hooops? Driving cars off of cliffs?

6) No question, just wanted to give props for somehow working in La Super Rica into a song.  (Side note: Now I wantttt itttttt)

7) Have you yourself ever used rent money to pay for bottle service?

8) Who was this song written for originally?

9) Are you absoultely, positively sure you would like the beat back?

10) And finally, where can a girl get a pair of those pizza earrings???

Your timely response is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,


NEW RELEASE: “War” – Common


Alright this one’s for Chicago…a little something to listen to while you sit there huddled in a corner conserving every last ounce of body heat.  While this LA girl may be wearing a scarf in 55 degrees, let’s not forget I once lived in the Windy City and know what that shit’s like.

Common’s single is one that’s very near and dear to his cause – shedding light and telling the tale of “Chiraq” and all the young violence that goes along with it.  In my opinion there’s nothing Common does better than tell a story – and this track is no different.

For more info and a link to download the track check out Stereogum’s article here.


Now Watching: Sarah Jarosz NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Credit: npr.org

Credit: npr.org

There are few things on the internet that make me happier than NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series.  The low-key concerts are a showcase for some of the best talent on the planet to really show their raw chops.  This one with Sarah Jarosz is no exception.  In case you haven’t heard of this miraculous young lady, she is a 22 year old bluegrass/roots songbird.  Despite being only 22, she has already recorded three albums, all of them an absolute delight.  In this video she is performing songs from her third album, Build Me Up From Bones.  But enough of my yammering, just watch and let the girl win your heart.

Live in LA?  Come see her with me on January 22nd at Largo at the Coronet, tickets here.

VIDEO: Volcano Choir Performs “Comrade”

A little treat for the end of your hump-day, courtesy of Pitchfork.  A really excellent song from Justin Vernon’s latest project Volcano Choir, and because it’s Justin Vernon, of course it’s an immaculate performance.  Enjoy!


NOW PLAYING: TYPHOON – Common Sentiments

This post has a few purposes.  Ready for them?

First some business items to attend to:

1) I’m going to try this new thing where I categorize my posts.  Will it work?  Who knows! Ask me again next time I write something and decide if I want to “brand” it or not.

2) I’m going to try this new thing where I write more posts.  I know, I know, I’ve said that a lot.  But this time I mean it.  So if you’re reading this – first of all, thanks! You’re one of the few.  Second of all, tell your friends!  Tell your friends friends! And their aunts and cousins and dogs and lizards!

Now on to the good stuff:

3) I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I try to be good about leaving my phone out of reach while I’m driving, but sometimes when I’m listening to Sirius and a song comes on that I like but haven’t heard before, I fumble for my phone to try to fire off a picture of the screen in my car.  Then, weeks later, I remember I took said picture and finally look back through my photos and get some new songs to listen to.

4) After having looked back through said photos I found this:


Sweet Mini dash action.

So now we get to the meat of this post.  An actual song.  A song called Common Sentiments by a band called Typhoon.  Despite some similarities in sound to the Scottish Frightened Rabbit, Typhoon are actually from Portland (insert hipster/coffee/Carrie Brownstein joke here).

They join the likes of Arcade Fire, Stars, and Grouplove with a very family band-ish sensibility (read: voices chiming in singing hooks in the background), which of course means that their music makes me feel like I’m in a field dancing with a rays of sunshine peaking out behind my billowing gown. …Was that too weird?  Well it’s the truth.  It’s easy, fun listening (even, in its own way, the track entitled Possible Deaths), and you should check it out.  At ACL? Well you’re in luck! They’re playing on October 6th.  Not in Austin?  Well then give them a listen on Spotify, or listen to my track selection off their latest release White Lighter below.

PS/5)  How do we feel about this new Spotify player embed option?  I think it’s kinda cool…right?

MSMR – Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix)

I have been a fan of CHVRCHES since I first heard “The Mother We Share” – and really didn’t think that there was anything that they could do to their sound to make me like it more.  Well it turns out their is: when they take their musical aesthetic and superimpose it onto another awesome sound, in this case MSMR.  The result is pure magic.  And it’s exactly what I need in the middle of a week.  And since my brain is in serious Wednesday mode, I’ll keep this post short and sweet, and continue to listen to this song on loop…

New Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

Alright ya’ll – it’s here.  The video for “Can’t Hold Us.”  I just can’t with how much I love Ray Dalton.  And yes, that is Macklemore wearing a wolf on his noggin.

Sin Fang – Sunbeam

With the weather warming I feel like it’s time to get the ball rolling on some spring/summer tunes.  Don’t you?  Of course you do!

Ironically, this sunny track (first brought to my attention by the wonderful RPB) comes from Sin Fang, who are from – wait for it – Iceland.  Originally dubbed Sin Fang Bous – Sin Fang is the solo project of Seabear‘s Sindri Már Sigfússon (say that five times fast, or even say it at all).  Sunbeam, off the 2013 release Flowers, is like a layer-cake of sounds.  It moves quickly and frivilously, as one might while frolickling along the beach.  It’s fun and easy to listen to, with a super catchy hook.  Try not to start whistling along…seriously, you can’t.

via last.fm

via last.fm

If you enjoy this I seriously recommend checking out the whole album (it’s on Spotify to make things super easy) – while it’s not the most diverse thing in the world, it’s all fun and enjoyable, and will definitely get you in the mood for some serious sunshine.

Check out the band performing Sunbeam live from Seattle’s KEXP at a hostel in Iceland.

That band I saw last night: Caveman

Last night, despite not having today off (or even a half day), I dragged my sorry butt to the Troubadour to check out Brooklyn band Caveman.  While I had listened to plenty of their music beforehand, I still wasn’t quite sure what I was going to see at the show.  Overall, Caveman’s music falls under what I personally dub “indie easy listening,” a.k.a. music that is definitely cool, definitely interesting, but is also the sort of thing you can put on at work and not really pay to much attention to, just enjoy.  Sometimes, however, this sort of indie doesn’t always translate to a live show.  This was, thankfully, not the case with Caveman.


Watching the show, singer Matthew Iwanusa’s voice is what really struck me (that and seeing the disco ball at The Troubadour put to use for the first time).  It’s clean, clear, and under control.  Okay but seriously – it’s really really good.  It really brought their music to another level, and lifted the whole dynamic of the band.  The guys played a good mix of old and new, debuting a lot of songs from their self-titled upcoming album.  Jealous you didn’t hear any?  Well lucky for you NPR is streaming the album before its April 2nd release date.

Caveman at The Troubadour

Caveman at The Troubadour

And as a little extra bonus, check out the guys performing one of my personal favorites “Where’s The Time” on The Artie Lang show.