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This Band Rocks: Pickwick

So in doing a little research for work, I somehow (don’t ask me, the chain is very convoluted) ended up stumbling across this video:

Yeah, I know.  Incredible.  That man’s voice…is just….so good.  So I did a little digging.  Who is this man who sort of looks like Jean-Ralphio?  Does he have other music?  Is this his band?  Is he single?

Turns out he is the front man for the Seattle based band Pickwick.  And completely coincidentally, they have their first full-length coming out on March 12th.

So what do they sound like?  Imagine if Cold War Kids and Allen Stone were able to have a baby.  Soulful, melodic, catchy.  I seriously can’t imagine anyone not liking at least one song. Have a piqued your interest?  Well lucky for you you can stream the full length before it’s released here.

And here’s one more video for good measure: