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JT is Back

Praise the gods, Justin Timberlake has returned to us.  Returned from the world of Friends with Benefits, Bad Teacher, Alpha Dog, In Time, and many other movies no one really saw or cared about (The Social Network being the lone exception, but let’s be real, it’s not like anyone was heading to the theaters to see Justin’s compelling take on Sean Parker) – and back to the studio.  Let me just take this one moment to say THANKFUCKINGGODIMISSEDYOUJUSTINPLEASENEVERSTOPSINGINGEVERAGAIN.

So what are we to make of this new track Suit & Tie?  Well, the obvious is that it’s pretty good.  In fact, the more I listen to it the more I think it’s really good.  There’s plenty of Justin’s signature falsetto, a good catchy hook, some fun chimes and horns in the background sample, even a verse from Hova himself (which strangely doesn’t come until about 3 minutes into the song), and of course, it’s produced by Timbaland.  While I do think he’s done a bit of, well, borrowing from Pharell – this track reassures me that nothing but more of the JT we know and love is to come.

Oh yeah, there’s one other thing worth noting about this track.  Justin didn’t just release it, didn’t just release a teaser video for it, he released it with the relaunch of Myspace.  Yes, that Myspace.  Some may remember that after playing an eccentric online entrepreneur in the movies, JT made it his reality by buying Myspace.  The site is now sleek, completely music-centric, and somehow still allows you to use your same login from 2001.

JT copy

So there you have it, a new song, a new Myspace, same old Justin.  And really, there’s nothing better that.

Polica – Dark Star

Okay so here’s the thing. Auto-tune may be one of the most negative things to hit popular music in the past decade. When Jay-Z’s D.O.A. (Death of Autotune) was released, it gave me a semi-legitimate reason to launch into a diatribe about the abuse of the electronic tool to any person who seemed even remotely interested.

But why am I telling you this? Well because the song I am presenting to you today proves me totally and completely wrong. Polica (or specifically vocalist Channy Leaneagh) takes auto-tune and makes it interesting, cool, artistic,and exciting – both in the studio and in her live performances. The result is a spacey electronica-pop that’s somehow totally weird and extremely catchy at the same time – and I love it. While it seems as though “Lay Your Cards Out” may be more of the breakout track from 2011’s Give You The Ghost, my personal favorite is “Dark Star.”  Despite being electro-pop, this song almost has this sort of funk quality to it (not funky, funk, like the style of music).  Because of that I feel like the style of vocals almost takes you by surprise when you first hear it, but once you get over the initial shock you realize this is just one damn catchy tune.

Intrigued? Check out more tracks from the band on their Soundcloud OR if you live in the LA area, seethem at the Echoplex on August 21 – tickets here.