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VIDEO: Volcano Choir Performs “Comrade”

A little treat for the end of your hump-day, courtesy of Pitchfork.  A really excellent song from Justin Vernon’s latest project Volcano Choir, and because it’s Justin Vernon, of course it’s an immaculate performance.  Enjoy!


Sin Fang – Sunbeam

With the weather warming I feel like it’s time to get the ball rolling on some spring/summer tunes.  Don’t you?  Of course you do!

Ironically, this sunny track (first brought to my attention by the wonderful RPB) comes from Sin Fang, who are from – wait for it – Iceland.  Originally dubbed Sin Fang Bous – Sin Fang is the solo project of Seabear‘s Sindri Már Sigfússon (say that five times fast, or even say it at all).  Sunbeam, off the 2013 release Flowers, is like a layer-cake of sounds.  It moves quickly and frivilously, as one might while frolickling along the beach.  It’s fun and easy to listen to, with a super catchy hook.  Try not to start whistling along…seriously, you can’t.

via last.fm

via last.fm

If you enjoy this I seriously recommend checking out the whole album (it’s on Spotify to make things super easy) – while it’s not the most diverse thing in the world, it’s all fun and enjoyable, and will definitely get you in the mood for some serious sunshine.

Check out the band performing Sunbeam live from Seattle’s KEXP at a hostel in Iceland.

That band I saw last night: Caveman

Last night, despite not having today off (or even a half day), I dragged my sorry butt to the Troubadour to check out Brooklyn band Caveman.  While I had listened to plenty of their music beforehand, I still wasn’t quite sure what I was going to see at the show.  Overall, Caveman’s music falls under what I personally dub “indie easy listening,” a.k.a. music that is definitely cool, definitely interesting, but is also the sort of thing you can put on at work and not really pay to much attention to, just enjoy.  Sometimes, however, this sort of indie doesn’t always translate to a live show.  This was, thankfully, not the case with Caveman.


Watching the show, singer Matthew Iwanusa’s voice is what really struck me (that and seeing the disco ball at The Troubadour put to use for the first time).  It’s clean, clear, and under control.  Okay but seriously – it’s really really good.  It really brought their music to another level, and lifted the whole dynamic of the band.  The guys played a good mix of old and new, debuting a lot of songs from their self-titled upcoming album.  Jealous you didn’t hear any?  Well lucky for you NPR is streaming the album before its April 2nd release date.

Caveman at The Troubadour

Caveman at The Troubadour

And as a little extra bonus, check out the guys performing one of my personal favorites “Where’s The Time” on The Artie Lang show.

Geographer – Verona

Hey guys!  Remember me?  Your friend who likes music?  Well, I’m back!  And I’ve got a delicious ear treat for you courtesy of Geographer.  Hailing from the great town of San Francisco, Geographer is a trio of dudes who make some sweet melodies that are a little bit pop, a little bit indie, and a little bit spacey.

While working at my new job that takes up all my time (self-promoting shout-out: watch Betty White’s Off Their Rockers!) – I was standing next a cool café and heard some lovely tunes emerging from the patio.  So, like any self-respecting smart phone owner, I Shazamed that shit.  And lo and behold – I was enjoying the fine track Verona by Geographer.  While I was first attracted by the vocals and easy to follow melody, I stayed for the swelling beat and synthesizer, and let me tell you – I was not disappointed.

The track comes off the band’s album Animal Shapes – which is a) delightful, and b) available for purchase for only $6 on their bandcamp page.

So come on, let’s all join together and enjoy this lovely track.  Then we can smile at the fact that I finally posted again.