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Behold, the most diverse festival lineup ever…


In case you hadn’t seen already, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival released their lineup announcement video today, and it might quite possibly be the most inclusive lineup I have ever seen.  Ranging from Phish to Public Enemy, Solange to Foster the People, Trey Songz to Jason Isbell, Arcade Fire to Avett Brothers, Eric Clapton to Christina Aguilera (seriously).  Not to mention the smattering of traditional NOLA jazz and gospel acts.   I can’t decide if this is the most amazing strategy ever since people have already been going to Jazzfest for years regardless of the lineup, or if it’s going to result in the biggest clusterfuck in the history of music festivals.

Thinking about going?  I know…so am I.  Here’s a nifty to guide for everything you need to know if you’re planning a trip.

Best part of this announcement?  It’s put a (temporary I’m sure) damper on all the Coachella-philes.

VIDEO: Volcano Choir Performs “Comrade”

A little treat for the end of your hump-day, courtesy of Pitchfork.  A really excellent song from Justin Vernon’s latest project Volcano Choir, and because it’s Justin Vernon, of course it’s an immaculate performance.  Enjoy!


NOW PLAYING: TYPHOON – Common Sentiments

This post has a few purposes.  Ready for them?

First some business items to attend to:

1) I’m going to try this new thing where I categorize my posts.  Will it work?  Who knows! Ask me again next time I write something and decide if I want to “brand” it or not.

2) I’m going to try this new thing where I write more posts.  I know, I know, I’ve said that a lot.  But this time I mean it.  So if you’re reading this – first of all, thanks! You’re one of the few.  Second of all, tell your friends!  Tell your friends friends! And their aunts and cousins and dogs and lizards!

Now on to the good stuff:

3) I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I try to be good about leaving my phone out of reach while I’m driving, but sometimes when I’m listening to Sirius and a song comes on that I like but haven’t heard before, I fumble for my phone to try to fire off a picture of the screen in my car.  Then, weeks later, I remember I took said picture and finally look back through my photos and get some new songs to listen to.

4) After having looked back through said photos I found this:


Sweet Mini dash action.

So now we get to the meat of this post.  An actual song.  A song called Common Sentiments by a band called Typhoon.  Despite some similarities in sound to the Scottish Frightened Rabbit, Typhoon are actually from Portland (insert hipster/coffee/Carrie Brownstein joke here).

They join the likes of Arcade Fire, Stars, and Grouplove with a very family band-ish sensibility (read: voices chiming in singing hooks in the background), which of course means that their music makes me feel like I’m in a field dancing with a rays of sunshine peaking out behind my billowing gown. …Was that too weird?  Well it’s the truth.  It’s easy, fun listening (even, in its own way, the track entitled Possible Deaths), and you should check it out.  At ACL? Well you’re in luck! They’re playing on October 6th.  Not in Austin?  Well then give them a listen on Spotify, or listen to my track selection off their latest release White Lighter below.

PS/5)  How do we feel about this new Spotify player embed option?  I think it’s kinda cool…right?

All Linked Up: This Week in Music

This Band Rocks: Pickwick

So in doing a little research for work, I somehow (don’t ask me, the chain is very convoluted) ended up stumbling across this video:

Yeah, I know.  Incredible.  That man’s voice…is just….so good.  So I did a little digging.  Who is this man who sort of looks like Jean-Ralphio?  Does he have other music?  Is this his band?  Is he single?

Turns out he is the front man for the Seattle based band Pickwick.  And completely coincidentally, they have their first full-length coming out on March 12th.

So what do they sound like?  Imagine if Cold War Kids and Allen Stone were able to have a baby.  Soulful, melodic, catchy.  I seriously can’t imagine anyone not liking at least one song. Have a piqued your interest?  Well lucky for you you can stream the full length before it’s released here.

And here’s one more video for good measure:


From Holiday Party to Hipster Concert: The 12 Lessons I Learned This Week

Not since I’ve started this blog have I really had a chance to write about a true intersection of headphones and hangovers.  That all changed this week.

In round one of my company’s two-phase holiday celebration, I took full advantage of a 6pm-8pm open bar.  And it took full advantage of me.  That next evening I went to a live music show by on-the-rise hipster darlings Alt-J.

Here is what I took from that experience:

Alt-J at The Henry Fonda

Alt-J at The Henry Fonda

1) Cheap white wine is just as potent as nice white wine, especially when it’s doled out by servers who seem to watch a full half of football while they’re pouring the drink.

2) Always, always, ALWAYS eat a lot of food before consuming said wine, not during.  I know, at 25 years old I should have learned this lesson by now – but alas, the further I get from my college years the more I seem to regress in my knowledge of Drinking Basics 101

3) Always maintain an open line of communication with your cab driver.  Trust me, he will want to help you in your time of need.

4) Water.

5) Work can be your friend during a hangover.  Ignoring it is sometimes the best cure, and making yourself focus on even the most simple tasks can help get your brain back to a normal state.

6) Don’t be afraid to have three breakfasts and then a big lunch.  It will help you.

7) Water.

8) When recovering from an unexpected weekday hangover while knowing you have to drive accross town for a not so cheap show later that night, never let yourself feel defeated.  Keep reminding yourself that live music fixes most worries, and that this band is pretty cool.

9) Volunteer to drive.  It will save you from yourself when you get to the bar at the venue.

10) Water.

11) Enjoy the music.  Those of us who attend their fair share of shows have a tendency to get overly critical.  The sound mix is off, this giant dude keeps blocking my view, the band takes too long to come on after the opener, the set list isn’t perfect.  Who cares?! It’s awesome that we live in a society that fosters so much creativity and we get to reap the benefits whenever we desire. Plus Alt-J rules!

12) I like this song.  A lot.  And now you can too.


Now, let’s hope phase two is a little bit easier to handle…

IAMDYNAMITE – Where Will We Go

Hey hey Monday!  Why am I so enthusiastic about saying hi to Monday you ask? Well, because I’ve been listening to Where Will We Go by IAMDYNAMITE.  Normally I’d be kinda annoyed at a name like IAMDYNAMITE (especially when coupled with an album name SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC) that is all caps locked and space-less – but these guys rock pretty hard so I’m gonna let it slide.

Comprised of only two dudes, IAMDYNAMITE has a pretty stellar thing going on.  With some punk-rock heavy drums, easy to sing along to melodies, and a damn catchy chorus – Where Will We Go is like a perfect party favor of “get amped” music.  Perhaps the best way to explain the song is to give you a breakdown of my reaction the first time I heard it:

1) What is this I’m listening to…IAMDYNAMITE…is that all one word?

2) Actually this is kinda good, maybe I should start paying attention.

3) Hold up, my head is starting to bop, how’d that happen?

4) Andddd now I’m drumming on my knee.

5) Now I’m drumming AND head bopping.

6) Um this song is TOTALLY AWESOME.

7) Let’s hear that shit again.

So there you have it.  But don’t just live vicariously through my awesome play-by-play, listen for yourself and see what involuntary bodily movements you have!

Hold up, what is this?

This is my new blog.  It’s a place for me to write about mostly music but sometimes other things as well.

Why is it called headphones and hangovers?  Well, mostly because they both start with “H” and I thought an alliterative title would be neat.  But on a slightly (read: barely) deeper level, it is also because those are two staples of my life.  I frequently am wearing headphones and bumping sick beats (which I hope to share with you all), and I am also frequently hungover (stories about which I also hope to share with you all).


Hi. This is me. In an elevator.

So, let’s get this party started – shall we?