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The Hop Jam – Brought to You by Hanson


And in today’s Hanson news, it seems that my three favorite brothers are taking their love for craft beer and music and combining it into a FESTIVAL.  And yes, it’s called The Hop Jam.

I know, you’re wondering if I’m okay.  Yes, I did nearly pass out when I first read about this, but I have no recovered and am fanning myself profusely while I drift away to a day dream filled with three-way harmonies and a tall glass of MmmHops IPA (yes, you knowitall, it IS a real thing.)

The festival will take place in Tusla, OK – and currently only has Hanson and Robert Randolph and the Family Band listed as performers (which isn’t a bad start if you ask me), bur promises to feature contest winners from around the state.

So for those of you looking for a breath of fresh, new, lucious-locked air in the festival world – you can stop looking; Hop Jam is here.


Kick-Ass Cover: Hanson Takes on Taylor Swift

Wake up everyone – Hanson, the mighty trio, has taken on the one and only T. Swift.

If you know me at all you probably know that I have a completely mature, not at all ironic, deeply passionate love for Hanson.  I think they are a wonderful group of musicians with pretty faces and hair and everything they do makes me smile (especially this).

I also have slightly less mature, occasionally ironic, girl-crush level feelings for Taylor Swift.  I have very certainly been guilty of rocking out hard to some good TS jams, but I’ll admit, this latest song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is not exactly my favorite (plus, come on with that title).

That all changed this morning, when my boys decided to cover it.  Acoustic, harmonized, and wonderful – they brought the Hanson, and it makes me a very happy girl.  So let this fine poppy jam brighten up your Wednesday the way it did mine.

And to add a cherry on top of this sundae, here’s them doing a grown-up MMMBop.  **Sigh**