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From Holiday Party to Hipster Concert: The 12 Lessons I Learned This Week

Not since I’ve started this blog have I really had a chance to write about a true intersection of headphones and hangovers.  That all changed this week.

In round one of my company’s two-phase holiday celebration, I took full advantage of a 6pm-8pm open bar.  And it took full advantage of me.  That next evening I went to a live music show by on-the-rise hipster darlings Alt-J.

Here is what I took from that experience:

Alt-J at The Henry Fonda

Alt-J at The Henry Fonda

1) Cheap white wine is just as potent as nice white wine, especially when it’s doled out by servers who seem to watch a full half of football while they’re pouring the drink.

2) Always, always, ALWAYS eat a lot of food before consuming said wine, not during.  I know, at 25 years old I should have learned this lesson by now – but alas, the further I get from my college years the more I seem to regress in my knowledge of Drinking Basics 101

3) Always maintain an open line of communication with your cab driver.  Trust me, he will want to help you in your time of need.

4) Water.

5) Work can be your friend during a hangover.  Ignoring it is sometimes the best cure, and making yourself focus on even the most simple tasks can help get your brain back to a normal state.

6) Don’t be afraid to have three breakfasts and then a big lunch.  It will help you.

7) Water.

8) When recovering from an unexpected weekday hangover while knowing you have to drive accross town for a not so cheap show later that night, never let yourself feel defeated.  Keep reminding yourself that live music fixes most worries, and that this band is pretty cool.

9) Volunteer to drive.  It will save you from yourself when you get to the bar at the venue.

10) Water.

11) Enjoy the music.  Those of us who attend their fair share of shows have a tendency to get overly critical.  The sound mix is off, this giant dude keeps blocking my view, the band takes too long to come on after the opener, the set list isn’t perfect.  Who cares?! It’s awesome that we live in a society that fosters so much creativity and we get to reap the benefits whenever we desire. Plus Alt-J rules!

12) I like this song.  A lot.  And now you can too.


Now, let’s hope phase two is a little bit easier to handle…

A Night Out Drinking As Told By Will Ferrell Gifs

Heading to the bar, feeling good:

Getting to the bar, feeling better:

Getting your groove on:

Like seriously, getting your groove on:

Making a new friend:

A couple (or 10) more drinks later:

Crossing the threshold from just enough drunk to a little bit too drunk:

Getting back home after the bar:

Waking up the next morning and suddenly remembering (or not) everything that happened the night before:

When someone asks you the next day if you’d like to see the outside world:

What you end up doing:

Calling your new friend and seeing what they’re doing that night:


(Gifs courtesy of this rad Buzzfeed post.)

Hold up, what is this?

This is my new blog.  It’s a place for me to write about mostly music but sometimes other things as well.

Why is it called headphones and hangovers?  Well, mostly because they both start with “H” and I thought an alliterative title would be neat.  But on a slightly (read: barely) deeper level, it is also because those are two staples of my life.  I frequently am wearing headphones and bumping sick beats (which I hope to share with you all), and I am also frequently hungover (stories about which I also hope to share with you all).


Hi. This is me. In an elevator.

So, let’s get this party started – shall we?