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ICYMI: South Park Took SPIN For A Ride Last Night…


(Full disclosure here – I do marketing for SPIN, so am not approaching this with any kind of un-biased journalistic integrity, but hey – this is just a blog, so I think I’m in the clear.)

Last week, SPIN responded to South Park’s episode that featured Stan’s father Randy Marsh, subbing in for Lorde at a birthday party (that is a very poor man’s description of the episode, watch it in full here).  The article was somewhat less than well recieved by South Park fans – who were up in arms, feeling that SPIN had completely missed the joke – which, to be fair, they sorta had.

Well, in last night’s episode “The Cissy” – SPIN got what was inevitably coming to them.  In case you were unaware – South Park has a remarkably quick turnaround time between episodes (as seen in Six Days To Air), which means if you slight them on a Thursday, you better be ready to reap what you sew the following Wednesday.  But here’s the thing – regardless of how much SPIN may have to deal with some hurt feelings, the episode was awesome.  Maybe one of the best I’ve seen in a while.  So hey, if one article missing the mark means an episode of TV landing it sqaure between the eyes, I think we as a society have still benefitted.  Plus, I think SPIN handled the episode like a champ.