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Realizing I have Monday off and can now day drink all tomorrow…

Freakin’ Weekend Jam: Natural Child – B$G P$MP$N

Oh yes, you read that right.  I said B$G P$MP$N – no I’s, just $’s.

Hailing from Nashville, Natural Child is bluesy, retro-y, rock ‘n roll band.  And they are fucking awesome.  The band’s sound is marked by heavy guitars, dirty vocals, so-so singing (in a good way).  Maybe it’s the vocals, maybe it’s the guitar, or maybe it’s the fact that both frontmen sound like they only perform 6+ beers deep, but they remind me a lot of Deer Tick aged down a couple years.

Going into the weekend, nothing sounds better to me than a gritty rock song called B$G P$MP$N.  So if you’re feeling a little sleepy, pop this bad boy on and you’ll feel like going out in no time.

A Night Out Drinking As Told By Will Ferrell Gifs

Heading to the bar, feeling good:

Getting to the bar, feeling better:

Getting your groove on:

Like seriously, getting your groove on:

Making a new friend:

A couple (or 10) more drinks later:

Crossing the threshold from just enough drunk to a little bit too drunk:

Getting back home after the bar:

Waking up the next morning and suddenly remembering (or not) everything that happened the night before:

When someone asks you the next day if you’d like to see the outside world:

What you end up doing:

Calling your new friend and seeing what they’re doing that night:


(Gifs courtesy of this rad Buzzfeed post.)