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Danny Brown – Grown Up

Oh heyyyy Monday, didn’t see ya creep on me there.  Listen, I’mma let you finish the day, but first I just gotta say that Danny Brown‘s track Grown Up is the greatest thing to hit my ears since 8am this morning.

image via spin.com

If my awesome, not at all current, Kanye joke is not enough to convince you to listen to this song – well I can’t say I blame you, so let me break it down.  A bonafide, missing a tooth, hipster from Detroit, Danny Brown basically takes the trend of hipster/college rap with catchy hooks to the next level (sorry Mac Miller).  Signed to the über cool Fools Gold Records (home of A-Trak, Kid Cudi, Chromeo, and Duck Sauce to name a few), Brown’s music has an refreshingly unique style.  Personally, I love his voice.  But beyond that, all of his tracks have something…interesting going on, for lack of a better word.  They engage your brain, is I guess what I’m saying.  Just listen and you’ll see/hear what I mean.

Grown Up is one of Brown’s more accessible tracks, and was put out by Scion/AV (yes, like the car).  The song has everything a summer rap anthem needs, a fun hook, self-touting lyrics, and an awesome music video featuring a painfully trendy mini-Danny.

Get the free download here and watch the video below.  Peace suckas.