Geographer – Verona

Hey guys!  Remember me?  Your friend who likes music?  Well, I’m back!  And I’ve got a delicious ear treat for you courtesy of Geographer.  Hailing from the great town of San Francisco, Geographer is a trio of dudes who make some sweet melodies that are a little bit pop, a little bit indie, and a little bit spacey.

While working at my new job that takes up all my time (self-promoting shout-out: watch Betty White’s Off Their Rockers!) – I was standing next a cool café and heard some lovely tunes emerging from the patio.  So, like any self-respecting smart phone owner, I Shazamed that shit.  And lo and behold – I was enjoying the fine track Verona by Geographer.  While I was first attracted by the vocals and easy to follow melody, I stayed for the swelling beat and synthesizer, and let me tell you – I was not disappointed.

The track comes off the band’s album Animal Shapes – which is a) delightful, and b) available for purchase for only $6 on their bandcamp page.

So come on, let’s all join together and enjoy this lovely track.  Then we can smile at the fact that I finally posted again.

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